about sales quotation software 

For most companies, the sale begins when an offer is made to a prospective customer for specific products or services at a specific price.

Preparing an offer the customer will accept is rarely as simple as selecting items from a published pricelist.

When a company finds itself creating thousands of quotes a year and making numerous revisions to existing quotes in the hope of making the sale, the process can overwhelm the company's sales force.

The solution lies in the creation of a cost-effective custom application tailored to the unique needs of the company.

The sales quotation program represented by the screenshots below is an example of a solution that works, saving the one of PMA's clients tens of thousands of dollars and untold hours of manpower a year with the added advantage of reducing time required to get a quote in the hands of the customer from days to minutes.

Once a quote is prepared, it becomes instantly accessible by visiting the company's website or by emailing a copy of the document to the customer.

As with most programs produced by PMA, the quote program is a database driven application that typically utilizes Microsoft SQL Server databases that are constantly updated to reflect product and price changes.

Customer Information / Quote List: To create a quote, the user selects a customer from the Customer List - or adds a new customer to the list. Any existing quotes for the customer are listed in the Quote List window at the bottom of the screen.

Sophisticated search capabilities also allow the user to populate the Quote List based on a broad range of criteria. When a quote is selected from the list, the Customer Information for the applicable customer is displayed at the top of the screen.

If an existing quote is selected, the user can go to the Quote Tab to view or edit the quote - or to the Reports/Print or View Quote Tab to view the finished document, print it, or email it to the customer.
Quote Detail: The document is generated by going to the Quote Tab where the user can add items to the quote by manually entering the required information or selecting items from a searchable price list that includes part numbers, descriptions, and multi-level pricing. Items selected from the price list can be edited as needed before adding them to the quote.

A separate Notes List is included for adding frequently needed notes to the quote.

Quotes can be created from scratch or by cloning and editing existing quotes. Any existing quotes can be revised and saved as new documents to preserve any previous versions.

The Price List can be populated using an existing price list database or generated and maintained using using an optional Price List Manager available from PMA.
Finished Document: The finished document is generated using Microsoft Reporting Services. It can be printed, sent to the customer as a PDF email attachment using the program's built-in email capabilities, or saved as a PDF, Excel, or Word document.

Quotes can be printed in a variety of forms - all detail, without part numbers, without a disclaimer, without prices, total amount only, etc.

Additional items that can be printed include customer lists and quote lists based on specified criteria such as customer name or time period.

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