about o'brien quickloads pro

For more than 20 years, thousands of Heating and Air Conditioning contractors throughout the United States have chosen O'Brien QuickLoads Pro in its current form and in earlier versions to scientifically size the HVAC systems they install in residential and light commercial  buildings.

The program is stocked and sold as a retail product by HVAC parts suppliers and is available directly from the O'Brien Global Products website.

It is an example of the kind of specialized, complex calculation programs PMA can produce for its clients and for which PMA provides technical support.  


The Load Calculation Worksheet is the heart of the program.

Users supply the data needed to size the system based on a site survey.

All calculations are performed automatically using standard industry formulas.

The initial calculations serve as the basis for additional calculations that specify the ducting requirements for the system and estimate annual heating and cooling costs on the basis of local energy costs.

Various print options allow the user to create reports that satisfy a range of requirements including the submission of data to obtain permits or qualify for energy credits from utility companies.


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