about pma small business billing & proposal \ estimate system 
It's all about having the right tool for the job. Most small business owners don't need a full-featured accounting program.
What they do need is software that makes it as easy as possible to do the things they really need and want to do. Programs produced by the PMA Technology Group have a well-deserved reputation for doing exactly that.

The PMA Small Business Billing and Proposal \ Estimate System is designed to be an easy-to-use billing system that offers all the capabilities most small businesses need to generate invoices, create proposals\estimates,and manage the billing process. The most commonly used billing and proposal capabilities found in the system are included in the PMA Small Business ServiceCenter 2016 customer management program.

The program is a state-of-the-art application that uses Microsoft Framework Version 4.0, displays at a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, and uses Microsoft SQL Server databases as well as Microsoft Reporting Services.

It will run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. Windows 10 and upcoming versions of Windows.

use it to:

Maintain a customer information database
Create invoices on the fly or by selecting items from price lists
Print invoices and proposals on plain paper or save them as PDF files
Email invoices, proposals and other documents from within the program
Log payments
Monitor receivables
Monitor sales by year and month
Monitor sales by customer
Analyze sales trends
Print form letters, mailing labels, and past due notices
View and print a variety of reports
Instantly access invoices and proposals from previous years
Create proposals\quotes\estimates that can be converted to invoices
Quickly build price lists using the authoring tool included with the program

Available as a custom application. Contact PMA for details.

The Customer Information Manager holds your customer information including whether or not the customer's purchases are taxable and what price the customer pays if you charge different categories of customers different prices.

The screen includes a search feature that allows you to quickly find any invoice for any year.

Use the Detail Screen to create invoices or proposals containing any number of items. Items can be added manually or by selecting products or services from a pop-up price list.

As items are added, the program does the math and displays the running totals.

As on-screen calculator allows you to perform calculations that might be needed to determine a price for an item or your shipping/delivery charges.

Different terms and conditions can be specified for different customers.

The Reports Screen uses Microsoft Reporting Services to generate PDF copies of invoices and proposals that can be emailed from within the program. Reporting Services also allows you to create the reports you need - sales, past due invoice lists, customer lists, etc. and send them to your printer or save them as PDF documents.

The Utility Module provides the tools you need to customize the program, perform database maintenance operations, and build and update your price lists.

The Mail Module includes an easy-to-use word processor that allows you to quickly generate professional looking documents and pre-addressed form letters. Additional printing capabilities include the ability to print mailing labels, print groups of invoices and proposals, and past due reminder notices based on the recipient selection criteria you specify.

for more information

For more information about this product, contact PMA at the phone number/email address listed below. When you download an evaluation copy of PMA Small Business ServiceCenter, an evaluation copy of the PMA Small Business Billing and Proposal System is included in that download.

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