about christian s. white

Address: 1813 Blackfoot Trail Mesquite, TX 75149
Home Phone:   (972) 222-2820

Overview: Experienced computer specialist with in-depth knowledge of Windows operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) and Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat). Broad experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Experienced with multiple programs including Adobe Photoshop, virus protection software, and other applications. Knowledge in website, flash, and software development. Networking (using Windows or Linux, VOIP telecommunications, SSH or putty knowledge for accessing file systems or computers remotely).

Previous Positions:

Component Salesman: Fry's Electronics, Selling computers and components including motherboards and processors. A position that requires four of the best salesmen to sell core accessories throughout the department. Winner of Salesman of the Month award on two occasions.

Computer Salesman: Best Buy, Selling the core components around each of the electronic departments, ensuring customer happiness throughout the purchase process. The salespeople do not work off commission to keep employees from rushing sales. Additional responsibilities included repairing computers in the Geek-Squad department.

Independent Contractor: Providing a broad range of services including: building websites; design and construction of high end gaming computers; general computer repairs and maintenance; equipment setup; and installation of software and Wi-Fi routers. Experience with fax, printers, copiers, and in-home surveillance camera systems.

Education: Graduated from John Horn High School in 2008. Continuing education at EastField Community College.

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