about this website

Purpose: The PMA Technology Group website serves two distinct purposes.

It is a developmental site used for testing and demonstrating, design concepts, features, and capabilities that might find their way into other sites maintained by PMA.

The primary purpose of this version of the site is to demonstrate the implementation of Microsoft Asp.Net capabilities in a real-world environment.

It is also a support/administrative site for desktop applications produced by PMA.

Users can download evaluation copies of programs, download updates from within their programs, and register their software.

PMA and its agents use the site to access and maintain the databases that hold user data generated on the site.

In the context of its database maintenance function, the site satisfies the definition of a Web Application (a web site that performs operations traditionally associated with desktop applications).


Rather than being intended to serve as a "public" site that generates a high volume of traffic, its role is to serve the needs of a small, clearly defined user base.

Design: This design represents a minimalistic approach that the places an emphasis on performance and attempts to focuses the visitor's attention on the site's content by eliminating extraneous visual elements.

While reflecting current tableless design trends and making extensive use of style sheets, the site makes use of traditional layout elements such as tables in situations where those elements are appropriate.

The architecture of the site is based on the Microsoft MasterPage/Content Page model, allowing the design to be changed quickly and easily.

The layout focuses on readbility and the need to produce the best results on a variety of display devices including those used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Technology: This site was created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

It uses the latest version of ASP.Net. and its Ajax capabilities

The various languages and libraries used include Asp.Net 4.5, HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, SQL for database communication, CSS for stylesheet construction, and C#

Note: Because this site is used for testing and developmental purposes, not all features may be available at all times.

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