Small Business Website - Not all websites need state-of-the-art capabilities. The site accomplishes its objectives using only basic HTML and a limited number of pages. 

It uses a combination of traditional table-based  and newer stylesheet driven page designs. Product data sheets are provided as PDF images.

Cross browser compatability assures a consistent appearance using different web browsers.

Corporate Website - A state-of-the-art data-driven Microsoft .NET web application  developed for a  manufacturer of commercial and residential HVAC products headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Password protected. Provides registered users with up-to-date order tracking, sales reports, product information, and other data in the form of on-demand reports generated from Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Political Campaign Website - A cost-effective PMA design for a sophisticated  data-driven political campaign website in Texas.

Serves as an information resource for site visitors. Not a typical campaign website focusing on solicitation of campaign contributions.

Utilizes an SQL Server database to collect visitor information and provide content management capabilities that permit the owner to maintain the site.

Government Website - A site that serves residents of a municipal entity in North Texas.

Uses SQL Server database and PDF documents to provide up-to-date information relating to services. Includes news and advisories as well as meeting notices, meeting minutes, financial statements, etc.

Provides content management and administrative tools for use by Board of Directors members.

desktop applications

PMA Small Business ServiceCenter - A desktop application targeted at small to medium size service businesses and sold as a retail product.

Provides the tools needed to: maintain a customer information database; maintain customer equipment lists and service histories; schedule service calls; generate service contracts; maintain a to-do list; create work orders; and print mailing labels and form letters.

Built using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and written in C#. Successor to a popular VB4 application in production since 1996. Latest version produced in 2016. Updated Regularly.

Sales Quotations - a desktop application for generating and tracking sales quotations. Separate maintenance program provides the tools needed to maintain the program's product, price list, and customer databases. Used by a corporate client to generate nearly 10,000 quotes annually.

Standard implementation is a multi-user network system using Microsoft SQL Server databses.

Offered as a custom solution tailored to the user company's unique requirements. A Microsoft .NET application written in C#.

FirstCo Coil Calc - A proprietaty desktop application. Used by the company and its customers to specify FirstCo's line of engineered HVAC fan coil products.

Performs complex calculation and decision making operations based on data provided by large internal databases.

Originally produced and in continuous use since mid 1990s. Latest version (5.0) released in March 2007. Current version written in Microsoft VB6.

O'Brien QuickLoads Pro - The latest version of a popular retail desktop application in production for nearly 20 years. Calculates heat loads for residential and light commercial buildings.

Used by heating and air conditioning contractors to size HVAC systems, to satisfy building code requirements, and to qualify building owners for energy rebates.

Also calculates system duct sizes, generates operating cost projections, and prepares bids. Current version written in VB6.

Evaluation copies can be downloaded from Sold by O'Brien Global Products and available through selected HVAC supply houses nationwide.

DOE Interchange Program - A special purpose program that creates  product interchange lists for HVAC fan coils from a performance curve database to satisfy U.S. Department of Energy reporting requirements.

A single- user program tailored to the unique requirements of a chief engineer of a fan coil manufacturer who is responsbile for producing lists that meet industry and government standards.

The program is updated annually.

BillingSystem PMA Billing and Proposal \ Estimate System is a state-of the art system that provides the billing capabilities small businesses need without the complexity of a full-featured accounting program.

PMA Small Business ServiceCenter and the Billing and Proposal \ Estimate System are companion applications that share a common database, look and feel, and functionality.

The program is offered as a custom application tailored to the unique needs of the user.

Price List PMA Small Business PriceList Manager allows its users to quickly build, maintain, and print both standard (multi-level) and flat rate price lists.

The PriceList Manager is included in the PMA Small Business Billing and Proposal\Estimate System and is also available as a standalone product.

The program is offered as a custom application tailored to the unique needs of the user.

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